Phen-Q vs. Phen375

PhenQ vs Phen375 Review - Pros and Cons

There are several products can be considered competitors in the same market. Medicine is an equally competitive field and what makes is more interesting is the addition of weight loss pills to the mix. PhenQ and Phen375 are two similar yet very different products and the comparison below can help the reader make a choice for themselves.

About the products

It is interesting to note that both PhenQ vs Phen375 are highly acclaimed products in the market. Some might even consider two competitors in market as both are advanced versions of the Phentermine diet pills which for many years were a part of old weight loss therapies. They are best options for those who crave for food continuously and they are equally competent as fat burners and accelerating process. In all honestly there is mere hairline difference between two and mostly it comes down to personal choice of individuals.


After that the fact that they are similar in many respects it is now time to come down hard on the differences to help those in need to make an informed and aware choice. Hence the main points of difference between the two are stated below:

Product manufacturer

They differ on product manufacturers as follows:

  • Phen375

This medicine has been manufactured by an extremely reputed and famous drug company called RDK Global. They have been responsible for manufacture and production of so many important medical products. Even in field of weight control they have come up with unique and popular slimming teas and similar items to facilitate better healthy bodies. They have FDA approved manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA.

  • PhenQ

Bauer Nutrition takes the responsibility of manufacturing this phenq for sale product. It not only helps them to be promoted by one of leading manufacturers of nutritional and health care products. Some other of their unique works is Detox Pure, Prime BURN, African Mango, Capsiplex and much more. This manufacturer has made it possible for them to reach 190 thousand people in a few years.


The compositions of items are in some respects different while in others similar. To know more read the comparison below:

  • Phen375

A-lacy reset is a special component which is used by manufacturers to facilitate better metabolism. Capsimax powder which is a unique mix of black pepper niacin and capsicum has made the process of thermogenesis much easier. Chromium picolinate is also responsible for reducing the urge of constant intake of food. Calcium carbonate is an important carbonate to control body weight. Caffeine allows body energy and alertness to rise which makes fat burn faster.

  • PhenQ

In phenq ingredients, Capsaicin makes sure the body heats up this also a kind of thermogenesis and hence the excessive body fat is completely burnt up. Caffeine makes sure the mind and body stay alert and responsive causing greater physical exertion those normal times. Longifolia is capable of increasing metabolic rates and this is directly responsible for burning off the extra fat and making the body more toned. L-carnitine converts fat of the body into energy and finally sympathomimetic amine also boosts metabolism of the body.

How It Works

The method of work of these two particular medicines can also help an interested yet confused individual make a wiser choice. The methods are:

  • Phen375

The fat accumulated in the body is burned away and then the process of further regeneration of fat is stopped. This is done by boosting the level of energy in the body by altering metabolic rates. Also, wonders are performed for succumbing hunger and cravings for food. It also works as an anti-depressant and does not allow moods to alter gravely.

  • PhenQ

With the use of phenq Amazon fat burning fat is grossly affected in appositive way and a primary cause for this is the regular thermogenesis. Metabolic rates are increased on its consumption this implies a heightened level of fat burning. Also, it suppresses the appetite of the individual in a natural harmless way.

Side Effects

Even though one can hardly detect any shortcomings or defects in any of the two products for the sake of comparison the rare side effects must be shown to those interested. This provides a clear picture to the customer. Hence the differences in side effects are:

  • Phen375

There are rarely any side effects and the mild effect one feels is due to the caffeine. However those pregnant or wishing to be pregnant should definitely avoid this medicine. Those consuming other medicines with or without prescriptions should consult a doctor before taking them. Breastfeeding women should avoid it along with those who have allergies to the composition.

  • PhenQ

Along with the points stated for Phen375 one should remember that those who face problems of anxiety sleep disorder or heart issues or even any medical problem are best to avoid both these medicines.

Safety allows comes first even before weight loss.

Price and availability

There are no differences in the price and availability of the item and thus in simple words both are available in $69.99 for one bottle. They can be purchased on their official websites and there is provision for those interested in buying them in bulks. However, both also come with a 60-day money back guarantee. The only difference is that on purchase of three bottles Phen375 gives one free bottle while currently, Phenq review is offering two bottles + free Advana Tone bottle on the purchase of a three pack.